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Who Are Our Guests?

Who Are Our Guests - LaVida Massage - subpage_5Meet some of our Guests…

We have a whole spectrum of guests ranging from 13 to 85 in age who seek our services for many different reasons. As examples:

  • The young 15 year-old student athlete whose parents want them to excel and reduce risk of injury and recover more quickly can benefits from a sports massage session.
  • The 40 year-old working mother can leave life’s everyday stress at the door while taking an hour of time for herself to receive the benefits of therapeutic massage. 
  • The 70 year-old man searching for improved mobility and relief from his daily aches and pains can also find a supportive professional relationship with his massage therapist. 

Who Are Our Guests - LaVida Massage - subpage_5

Although massage therapy has typically been a female dominated industry, our gender neutral centers appeal to the increasing number of male guests seeking our services. 

Life is hectic, and LaVida Massage is dedicated to reducing that stress.  The world is not a ‘9 to 5’ schedule for most of our guests and our therapeutic sessions are designed to be completely hassle free and easy to book. Guests can book online or through the Mobile App for day, evening and weekend appointments.

LaVida Massage has highly trained and knowledgeable clinical therapeutic staff whose skills and training ensure that every guest is completely satisfied with their massage experience.  No matter what type of session your guest is looking for, their local LaVida Massage Center will customize their experience to exceed their needs. 


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