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What Makes a Great LVM Franchisee?

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Willingness to learn, understand and follow our proven model

It can be hard to accept someone else’s advice and guidance when you have so much personally invested.  However, data shows that when a new owner adheres to our model and follows our playbook, their metrics of success will be higher than those that do not.  Being able to embrace training and coaching from our experienced personnel is critical.

People Skills

As we are in a service based industry, people skills are essential. You will need to be able to effectively manage and motivate employees, handle guest concerns as well as maintain relationships with local service providers, your landlord, etc. Owners with good interpersonal skills will find these tasks far less taxing.

Business Experience

There are many backgrounds that will serve a new owner well.   Experience in any of the following can translate particularly well to operating a LaVida Massage Center:

  • Sales/Marketing
  • Retail
  • Training
  • Management
  • Finance/Accounting
  • Membership based businesses


Having adequate capital, collateral and credit are essential.  Without the right resources, no business can succeed regardless of how motivated the owner or how solid the business model. The details of our financial requirements are laid out in our Franchise Report.

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