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Timeline to Open a Center

Timeline for opening a LaVida Massage franchise - subpage_7Getting your LaVida Massage Center up and running quickly and seamlessly is an essential variable in any business operation. Having information about the real costs and timing associated with your new business can mean the difference between profit and loss. All of the factors that affect the time to open, have been carefully considered in order to take the waiting out of the process for you and your business.


How long will it really take to get your LaVida Massage Center up and running? 

Timeline for opening a LaVida Massage franchise - subpage_7

After entering into a franchise agreement with LaVida Massage, you can anticipate anywhere from 12-20 weeks before you are opening the new Center doors for your guests.

A reasonable time frame for an efficient franchise opening with established franchisee support process makes this both realistic and possible. There are, however, numerous factors that can impact the process and decisions about site selection, the Center build out, and even the lease negotiations. These are the kinds of logistical and technical details that might otherwise make for unnecessary delays. 

Timeline for opening a LaVida Massage franchise - subpage_7

From your signed contract to your new Center Grand Opening, our proven process will help alleviate any unnecessary steps and our dedicated and knowledgeable Franchise Support Team will assist you with all the details and get your Center open in a timely manner. Here is a snapshot of a LaVida Massage Franchisee Opening Checklist


12-Step Chronology

Pre-Opening Task

  • Sign Franchise Agreement
Steps 1-2
  • Register for LaVida Massage Training
  • Begin location scouting and/or contact a Commercial Leasing Agent
Step 3
  • Apply for a Business License & Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN)
  • Choose your business structure and make appropriate filings.
Step 4
  • Obtain Contractor
  • Secure Insurance
Steps 5-6
  • Start Interviewing Potential Staff
  • Find all Necessary Management Accounting & Legal Support
Step 7
  • Sign Lease/ Acquire Center Space
  • Order Utilities
Step 8
  • Install all Necessary Hardware/ Software on Computer System
  • Set up LaVida Massage Software &  Credit Card Processing Accounts
Step 9
  • Order Opening Package(s) from LaVida Massage
  • Order all Necessary Center Supplies
Step 10
  • Order Exterior Sign
  • Order Marketing Collateral & Business Cards
Step 11
  • Execute Local Marketing Plan
  • Begin Networking and Establish Referral Accounts
  • Launch Grand Opening Advertising Campaign (See Marketing)
Step 12
  • Conduct First Staff Meeting
  • Your Center is open for business! Open your doors and welcome your new customers!

It is that simple and it’s all the result of the LaVida Massage seamless process. 

LaVida Massage has your back!

NOTE: 12-20 weeks to open is based on average times and historical data collected by LaVida Massage and may be subject to change based on state, local or regional requirements, building codes and local zoning compliance.

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