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Proven Concept

Proven Concepts In Business Growth With A LaVida Massage Franchise - subpage-1The high volume massage concept was not yet mainstream in 2007 and unforeseen as a growth industry in North America. In the beginning, it was often called an experimental business model, but LaVida Massage had a vision for making massage a household idea in the western world. LaVida Massage helped pioneer this change in perspective and cultural attitude and as a result, defined a clear growth stream as a leader in this market space. 


Proven Concepts In Business Growth With A LaVida Massage Franchise - subpage_1Even with a growing number of massage enthusiasts there are still nearly 60% of Americans who have never received a therapeutic massage!1

That is a powerful statistic for capturing new guests and loyal members, and the growth potential and revenue implications for a driven LaVida Massage Franchisee are virtually limitless.


Proven Concepts In Business Growth With A LaVida Massage Franchise - subpage_1

Combining age old methods with contemporary training, business management software and practical certification, we utilize leading edge technology and resources to eliminate waste, redundancy and streamline operations. A tried and true service-based success ratio (low overhead, low receivables coupled with educated, experienced staff) and – best of all – satisfied, returning guests means high volume foot traffic and profitability for your business.


Our proven concept is no longer a vision; it is a reality. The future continues to look bright for a LaVida Massage franchisee that sees the road to financial independence and success using our unique membership based business model.

In addition, consider that LaVida Massage is designed to appeal to every member of the family (men, women and children alike), every age, race and demographic. It’s hard to deny the business opportunity that is LaVida Massage franchise ownership.

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1* “American Massage Therapy Association.” 2014 Massage Therapy Industry Fact Sheet (2014): 2. Web. 4 Apr. 2015.