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FAQs (At-a-Glance)

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ - LaVida Massage Franchises - subpage_10No doubt, you have a lot to think about and probably a few unanswered questions.

Here are some common questions we hear from franchising applicants at LaVida Massage:




Are there really still ‘great locations’ available in my region?

With LaVida Massage, there are indeed many ‘prime locations’ in most markets and regions that are available. The decision about where to locate your new LaVida Massage Center is going to be one of the most exciting and sometimes challenging ones you will make. Your location is going to dictate the quantity and quality of guest traffic that your LaVida Massage Center generates, so location-location-location is the key to your bottom line.

As a prospective franchisee, you will need to be objective when evaluating the viability of a possible location. The proximity to like-minded products or services, convenience, the general flow of traffic and/or congestion will dictate how easy it is to get to your Center.

If your region or locale has a lot of similar competition that has established their business, it may impact your Center’s bottom line and should be taken into consideration. As a LaVida Massage franchisee, we will help to weigh all of these considerations as we get your Center sited and established. We want your business to be not only profitable, but also fulfilling in your respective market and your new Center location.

We have many multi-unit franchising owners with LaVida Massage (and more are still available!) LaVida Massage owners often collaborate and combine resources to open new Centers together!

Are financing options available through LaVida Massage?

Please contact LaVida Massage for more information and financing options that may be available to you. We are already on the SBA (Small Business Administration) pre-approved list which helps streamline the process of obtaining a business loan.

I understand LaVida Massage will provide me my own dedicated website?

Yes, it’s your business – you deserve your own website! Your Center-specific URL will contain your city and state, this website is the hub of your business and will live online where people do research and make many buying decisions. In our commitment to your success, we provide an aggressive SEO program for all franchisees to ensure that each of the Centers are consistently found online during organic search queries.

What kind of time investment will my LaVida Massage Center require?

You will have to decide for yourself what kind of time commitment you are capable of making. Efficient web-based management tools and software make it uniquely possible to run your daily business from virtually any location, but your team of therapists and front desk staff will still need you leadership and management. We have many members of the LaVida Massage Network who work full or part time jobs in addition to operating their Centers – some full-time franchisees who hold ‘day jobs’ are even multi-unit LaVida Massage Center owners! Your commitment of time is yours to determine. We are looking more for an active owner/operator as we have seen a Center become profitable much faster than an absentee owner. The bottom line is– your investment of effort and time will often dictate profitability. While working smarter is a great solution, there is still no substitute for time investment.

What is the average size (square feet) of a LaVida Massage Center?

While size can vary from location to location, the average Center is approximately 2400 square feet for offering 10 service rooms plus other necessary operational rooms. We have excellent locations that range in size from approximately1850 square feet to 3000+ square feet.

How much money can I expect my LaVida Massage Center to earn?

Profitability will vary from location to location depending upon such factors as the region, operational costs, occupancy, financing terms, and your ability to manage your new Center among various other business factors. We are not able to predict sales or even gross profits for any of our Center locations, but we strongly encourage you to discuss profit potential with existing franchisees in your comparable regions.

What is the cost of the ‘build-out’ for a LaVida Massage Center?

New Center build-out costs are approximately $90,000 to $120,000. For itemized estimated costs, please download the FREE Franchise Report below.

Is there such a thing as an area or regional developer?

Yes, some regional restrictions may apply. These areas are typically licensed as designated blocks of space (whole states or high population density grids, for example). Prices and availability will vary greatly, and regional developers with LaVida Massage share in the revenue generated from franchise fees in those particular areas. For more information about area development opportunities with LaVida Massage, you will need to speak to a member of the LaVida Massage Franchise Development Team.

What is a protected franchise territory?

Each of our LaVida Massage franchisees is granted a specific and designated area in which no other LaVida Massage franchise location is awarded, to ensure a non-competitive arrangement. A five-mile radius is typical for each territory.

Still have some unanswered questions?

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