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Center Tour

Entering a LaVida Massage Center is an experience in and of itself. Many prospective franchisees and guests alike comment that “they are surprised…” that the LaVida Massage interiors are so attractive and welcoming. Designed with the comfort of the whole family in mind, LaVida Massage Centers provide a variety of amenities that deliver a complete ‘massage experience’ for women and men of all ages.

How our Guests Respond to our Centers

LaVida Massage Center Tour - Visit Our Showcase Locations - subpage_6All Centers have well-appointed, gender-neutral surroundings that create an inviting and serene environment that are pleasant and enjoyable on every level so guests can simply relax and are welcomed by name! 

Our centers are equipped with educational materials that help teach our guests the muscular system of their own body.  Understanding this system helps to reinforce the need for regular therapeutic massage sessions. Tasteful artwork is used sparingly in support of the amenities and aids in making every guest feel at ease so they can relax and fully enjoy the benefits of each visit. 


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