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Massage Therapists Wanted

LaVida Massage relies on great massage therapists; they are our best, not so secret weapon. A team of great massage therapists can help a center take new clients and turn them into members, as well as increase sales, a win-win for all involved.

According to an article by the Sandusky Register, The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported an expected growth of 22% of between 2014 through 20241.

Many massage therapists find their careers in massage therapy later in life, take for example Sandra Parrella, who was featured by the Sandusky Register. She spent twenty years as a nurse in the ICU, a very fulfilling career helping other people. Unfortunately, health issues made her seek employment elsewhere, which is when she decided to go back to school for massage therapy.

On the other hand, massage therapy can sometimes be part of a path that leads people to their final career. Tammy Schleenbaker, another student featured in this article seeks to become a naturopathic doctor, she wants to use her understanding of massage therapy to help prevent injuries.

Finally, some massage therapists long to be business owners themselves Cathy Missey is looking to open her own center after she graduates.

LaVida Massage counts on dedicated massage therapists who are in the business to help people reach their peak wellness.

Interested in growing your massage therapist career at LaVida Massage? Check out our careers page: LaVida Massage Careers

Topey, Melissa. “Massage Therapists in Demand” Sandusky Register. 14 Feb 2016. Web. 07 Mar. 20161

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