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A Pencil you can eat (eventually)!

New and sustainable ideas (with just a little bit of quirk) are what we love here at LaVida Massage, Denmark start-up Sprout World is just that. Annually, 15 billion wooden pencils come into this world waiting for someone to write with them, when they are only a mere eraser they are tossed in a garbage bag, to be taken to a dump1. Sprout World thought we could do better than that, they created a pencil that can be planted when you are done with it.

The end of the pencil, where the eraser usually is, is filled with seeds and peat which can be planted in soil. Some pencils grow tomatoes, or green peppers while others grow Lavender which can be used to made calming essential oils, there are sunflower and basil varieties as well.

The company Sprout Pencils was started in 2012 by three MIT students, Michael Stausholm CEO of Sprout World encouraged them to bring their idea to Denmark where he would partner with them and help them sell their product. According to an article on they sold a million pencils across Europe in 20141.

The company is looking to expand their horizons in the United States in the coming years, and they have opened a small office in Boston.

Want these pencils for yourself? They are for sale on and in store at Whole Foods.

Take Care of yourself! 

Kavilanz, Parija. "These Pencils Sprout into Vegetables, Herbs and Flowering Plants." CNNMoney. Cable News Network, 4 Nov. 2015. Web. 4 Nov. 2015. 

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